The Seer and The Stargazer

Want to know the secrets of a Seer?

In the shadow of the Vardre in the stunning Conwy Valley lies Bryn Gosol farmhouse with its secret tunnel to the Temple of Mithras.  Growing up on the farm and descending from a long line of Prophetesses, idiosyncratic teenager Seren is guided by her nain[1] to hone the power of witchcraft and become a modern-day Seer.

Drawing strength from her nain, Seren learns how to gather herbs, use crystals, create candle magic, cast spells, read tarot cards, appreciate numerology, and practise clairvoyance.  Seren is stunned when nain uses an ancient grimoire in the Temple of Mithras to take her on a past life regression.

Spinning the golden thread of life from birth to death, the Fates entwine Seren’s life with Stargazer Madoc.  The wrath of men and gods are exposed during past life regressions to Ancient Rome in an intoxicating tale of villains and heroes, magic and witchcraft, survival and transformation.  When Madoc sees nain use her ancient grimoire he is determined to establish a connection between it and the Divine secrets held in ancient Sybilline books.  Will joint past life regressions reveal life lessons to help Seren and Madoc along their current life path?

This tale, spanning two thousand years, follows Seren and Madoc as they set forth on a mesmeric, epic journey where they witness whether the past makes us the people we are in the future.

Based on the real life of a modern-day Seer

[1] Grandmother

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The Seer and The Stargazer