N.G. Neville

Pugnacious, Wilful, Stimulating

Our girl, Betsy Roberts

A gripping, horrifying narrative with a remarkable heroine, based on true historical events.

A tale of survival against a backdrop of the early pioneering era of the American West. Our girl, Betsy Roberts is kidnapped and abused. Caught up in the evil, murderous activities of the notorious Harpe brothers, Micajah and Wiley Harpe – The Terrible Harpes. Unwillingly Betsy’s story becomes entwined with theirs. Realising there is no escape, Betsy complies with their heinous crimes.

Find out how, through extraordinary courage and sheer determination Betsy survives this appalling experience. Pugnacious, determined and forward-looking, she epitomises what a strong woman can overcome as she demonstrates the grit to prosper despite her horrendous experiences.

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