Butterfly Assassins by Steve Walsh

Walsh’s debut novel Wilson indeed! (2019) is set over the course of three months in a Manchester suburb.  In the story, the main protagonist, Wilson lives a liquid life because when he sleeps, he can learn while he dreams.  Time, which plays a central role in human existence, is experienced differently in a dream, and doesn’t match Wilson’s waking life.  I was struck by the dream images and exquisite intimacy of family and friend relationships while Wilson scumbles the fragile line between a normal life and living the dream.

While in his first novel Walsh investigates the dream world, his sequel Butterfly Assassins (2021) confronts rogue spirits, the prestidigitation of The Powers That Be and the role of destiny.  There are repercussions following the main protagonists Wilson and Daisy’s involvement in a missing person cold case.  They become absorbed in a dream world which offers the ability to see into the past and affect others’ future.

A gritty Mancunian, Steve Walsh splits his time between writing and fly fishing.  On the page and in person he is engaging and witty.  Steve writes about different levels of consciousness emphasising the important role dreams play in the everyday.

Don’t let it flutter by x