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We are proud that our authors were talent-spotted in the North West of England and with 5 star reviews for Steve Walsh’s work The Wi-Fi of Dreams there’s reason to cheer. If you want to know more about our books and/or authors contact us today on

Review: Ok, so Wilson Indeed! is a great love/adventure story but what I loved most about it are the ideas that pepper its pages. Yes it’s a page turner, yes you engage with all of the characters who are brilliantly brought to life and yes you are transported to another place on a roller coaster ride, but the ideas are mind bending. Buy a copy for yourself but make sure you always have a spare to lend to friends. For young to old adults. Dave K.

Review: Butterfly Assassins You have to read the first novel by Steve Walsh (Wilson Indeed) to understand the second but it’s worth it because Butterfly Assassins is better. I read it in two days – a real page turner. This is a tale of living characters interacting with the after-life via dreams – not a ghost story as such although there is an element of that. If you want a different take on the supernatural, this is for you. An added bonus for me was lots of references to various areas and landmarks in and around Manchester. I’m looking forward to number three in the series. Don Jones


When we dream it’s as if we’re watching a film, with action, colour, words and people, all generated instantly by our brains without a script or production meetings.  As we sleep our dream matinee unfolds.  Dreams could be seen as the progenitor of all art. Computers could never create something so unique and instantaneous, yet our brains appear to do it easily.  In this first fiction novel of a new series, Wilson Armitage dreams, but unlike us he can step inside his wi-fi of dreams whenever he likes.

Welcome to Wilson indeed where Manchester superhero Wilson is reluctant to acknowledge his extraordinary ability because he doesn’t want to appear freakish. Then in a dream he encounters mysterious Daisy and agrees to meet her in Starbucksin Manchester, in real life!  Is this a bad idea?  Are there sinister forces at work?  Are there really things out there we don’t understand?  Could Wilson’s dream world change into a nightmare?  Wilson indeed is an inventive, light-hearted, eye-opener on an incredible ability we all possess.  We all dream.  This is a rollercoaster romance and adventure ride for readers aged 16-112 years of age.  It’s a journey not to be missed.

Produced by independent publisher Sin Embargo. Buy now from Waterstones, Forbidden Planet – Manchester, Travelling Man – Manchester, independent book shops or Amazon. Click on the links now to order.

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Wi-Fi of Dreams Part Two Butterfly Assassins


Sally Bennett was an orphan and only child. Incomprehensibly, at the age of ten, both her parents died in quick succession. Proof that fate deals our cards blind. One can be dealt three buses in a row, a run of traffic lights on red, or a pair of deaths; it all depends on the shuffle. Destiny was playing its hand and having led with a heart, the face card of her mother, Sally had no other option but to follow suit.

When Wilson and Daisy join Sally they play with the Tetris blocks of the future, and problems begin to stack up.

The Butterfly Assassins is the sequel to Wilson indeed! It takes you back to Sally Bennett, a car accident and a divine intervention outside Davenport train station.

Reviews for The Wi-Fi of Dreams Book One Wilson indeed!

Stunning debut novel.

Pure escapism and so imaginative. Enough science to be intriguing.

I loved this book and was hooked from the first page.

Praise indeed!

Published in paperback and also available on Kindle.

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Manchester Hub

A group of four Manchester women share their life experiences with Bella who has just texted millionaire Charlie to cancel their wedding. As the story travels across New York, Venice, Rome, Florence, London and Madrid not everyone approves of Bella’s actions.

Unprecedented events are about to unfold. Is the Hub a place of refuge, or is life about to change forever? No-one is prepared for what happens next.

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This is an engaging tale of a pugnacious woman written by a creative duo. Based on true events, the story details how Betsy survived kidnapping and abuse by the notoriously evil Harpe brothers.

An evil narrative.

Published in paperback, Kindle and audio book.

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