Interview with Steve Walsh

Steve Walsh talks about his first book in the WiFi of Dreams series: Wilson indeed!

Book Two – Butterfly Assassins was launched on Friday 13th August 2021 on Amazon, Kindle and in excellent bookshops

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Let’s start with life before Wilson indeed!  What did you do before you became an author?

For twenty years I was an advertising copywriter and ‘ideas’ man in a Manchester based marketing agency. 

Why did you decide to let Wilson and Daisy have an equal partnership?

I never contemplated them being anything other than equal. 

Which character did you “meet” in your head first, and what significance did they have for you at that time?

Wilson.  This desire to have special powers, everyone has it and no matter how old you are, many people still think that they have some magic about them.

When and where did you learn about morphic resonance, energy conservation and numerology?

I decided upon Wilson’s date of birth and then researched to find out what events occurred on the day that Wilson was born.  This is when I had a stroke of luck because I came across numerology and the birth date I had chosen turned out to be an eleven.  This explained the link as to why Wilson has special abilities.

What importance did supporting characters such as Hoover, Daisy and Teaps have in building a complete story?

I wanted a funny character, which turned out to be Hoover.  The story was always going to be about meeting a girl in a dream, so the characters evolved over two or three years.

What would you change if you could go back in time?

I wouldn’t want to go back in time. That would be cheating. Perhaps things are fate. Maybe they’re free will.

What motivated you to publish your debut novel?

I wanted other people to have the opportunity to read it.

What is your favourite book?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Any future plans for the WiFi of Dreams series?

Yes, book two, Butterfly Assassins is available

in bookshops and on Amazon

launched on Friday 13th August, 2021

so watch out!

Dreams – the progenitor of all art

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