Did you know we spend over 6 years of our time on earth dreaming? Two rungs up the ladder of natural selection from the four years we spend eating! Yet we know more about a souffle than we do about a dream.

How is the human brain able to create a dream, as though it were a movie? With a narrative and action but all created instantly, on the fly, with no script or production meetings. We simply nod-off and wait for a midnight screening to unfold! All the computers in the world, holding hands, could never create something so unique and instantaneous, yet our brains do it without pausing to think.

That is the fascinating reality this book explores and what makes Wilson indeed unique. A powerful work of fiction with healthy dollops of pseudo-science to keep it tantalisingly real, Wilson indeed is a wonderful, light- hearted, eye opener on the incredible ability we all possess and should insist, with messianic zeal, on knowing more about.

The elevator pitch?

Dan Brown meets Lewis Carroll.

Wilson indeed is a totally original novel and one that will stay with you – every night of your life.

Sweet dreams xxx

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